Hanan Gallery has a large variety of unique jewellery.

Flower Petal Bead jewellery
The unique Flower Petal bead jewellery range consists of handmade beads made from a variety of flowers. Flowers from your garden or from a special occasion can be given to us and a unique piece of jewellery can be created.The beads can be used by themselves or combined with recycled, new or handmade components. Some of the Flower Petal beads are porous and your choice of essential oil can be applied.

Hand Made jewellery

The Hand Made jewellery range has components such as beads or pendants which have been handmade by Louise, Neville or other crafts people. These are made from glass, silver, copper, bronze etc. The minor findings such as chains, jump rings and catches are not hand made.
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Recycled jewellery
The Recycled jewellery range has the larger components made from recycled parts. These recycled parts have been dismantled and adapted to be recreated. These components may have been belt buckles,earrings,bracelets,necklaces or buttons in a previous life. Some of the minor findings may be new.

The purposely antiqued brass, glass domed lockets have high quality images on the front. We can put your favourite image in the front of a locket for you. The space inside allows for a photo of a loved one or for a small plastic bag of hair.

All jewellery chains can be shortened or lengthened on request.