Louise is currently based in Invercargill, New Zealand. Louise has always been passionate about drawing, all art media and how to design and install exhibitions which has led her, at this point, onto the path of opening Hanan Gallery.

Louise sees her role as an artist, as a vocation and a calling.
Her expression and creations are about the experience of the spiritual self.
Louise creates drawings, paintings, felt and poetry.
A common theme in her work is the idea of a journey and voyage.
Within the land or ether scapes the totem images in her work figures, mountains, fjords, water bodies and energy. These images are her touchstones and the land or ether scapes are real or imagined or previously known.

In Louise’s previous employment, she has worked at the Bluff Maritime Museum, Otago Museum and Southland Museum and Art Gallery, giving her a lot of experience with exhibition installation, displays and signage.

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